Zig Zag Walk​/​Zig Zag Dream

by Knees Tartare

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"In time each moment is, only in so far as it has effaced its father the preceding moment, to be again effaced just as quickly itself. Past and future (apart from the consequences of their content) are as empty and unreal as any dream; but present is only the boundary between the two, having neither existence nor duration."

- The World As Will and Representation by Arthur Schopenhauer


released November 30, 2012



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Track Name: Out the Door
Bored of lies
he despised
talk of self
but he
Wouldn't mind
passing time
in her
Nothing lasts
so talk of pasts
words don't mean
but the thing
that you heard

the expectation
killed all exhilaration
the only way out
was pure imagination

Oh I have two
legs they're made for walking
I get tired of talking

rangling and jangling
wriggling his knees
Bounding down the street he went
following the leaves

Oh sweet wind at my back
carry me along
I'm going this way too
You can carry me till dawn
My legs they shake
so pick me up in your hands
oh sweet wind at my back
you're the only one that understands

you keep on moving
Moving always pressing on ahead
if you're not moving
You're dead

and as the trees passed
he felt like he was floating
Wondering where he was
wondering where he was going
Track Name: Homo Sapiens Callin' Like the Canines
Oh I knew
this old tune
heard it many a time
under a full moon

When you're old
and on your own
wanderings hows ya
got so alone

A man can get down on hisself
and then you hear the dogs calling
howling at that old moon
make a man feel something n he a start bawling

Singing, screaming Jesus help us
somebody help us but
don't you know
the only one comings a dirty old mutt

Don't you think? Don't you see?
It's all just you & me
Out in the wind, out with the bins
You and that poor little doggy

but don't be scared

there's nothing there...
Track Name: Wander towards Reality
When you're walking alone
back the way that you came
Your thoughts drift to home
yes it invades the brain

He said she said everybody said something
and they weren't even listening to the things being said
In her head in your head everyone was bluffing
But you can't leave by yourself even if you think you did

Oh just keep on moping
Oh what were you really hoping

Someone is hearing
something your saying
Everybody knows
and everybodys praying

Don't think don't don't
Don't don't think too much

I don't I don't
I don't know-no I don't know-no
I don't I don't
I don't know-no I don't know

I know that you think
you're made of sweet things
but I've seen your insides
and they look like mine

The breaths come quick and the breaths come slow
and the breath gets sick and well then don't you know

You're bleeding on the ground
You're bleeding on the ground
Your blood is all around
blood is all around
You're bleeding out

If you're gonna make me bleed
I'd like to see some blood

Do you really think we want to listen to what you say
You don't really think we wanna think about you all day
Do you ever hear the people? they are talking to you
Don't you ever think that everybody think likes you do

I know they they do
I know you do

And we try
to deny
the wondering why
the wondering why

But you'll never know
And you'll never go
You'll stay right where you are
so don't think so hard
Track Name: Reassimilation
You know what to do
When you know you cannot beat'em
Back to the door that once was
your only hope of freedom
Needed courage walk thru it
Well now you really need some

The outside inside
The inside out
The outside inside
Can get it out

conspicuous ruses
mild aggravations
Fill in the blanks
of your conversations

Don't back up when you have
come this far with me
You need not lie for my sake
if you're unhappy

So he promised himself
he'd be back here soon
Out in the arms of the wind
with the trees & the leaves & the moon

But now the wind did not feel
Quite as friendly, no
And all his thoughts came rushing
with him straight towards home
He would have to say something
But his brain screamed nothing nothing

Guess it's goodbye, old friend
But I'll come back someday again

A creak and the door is open
Solitarily hoped and hoping
It'd be quick but the blood is curdled
voices thundering into this world
brain tries its problem solving
feel as your minds dissolving
now succumbing
there's no running
What are you becoming?