Nothing Means Anything

by Knees Tartare

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The basis of this album was to start each song by improvising a track on one instrument (1. ukulele/vocal, 2. piano, 3. ukulele, 4. vocal), and then to build the rest of the song around that improvisation.

"All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man? What is the ape to man? A laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. And man shall be just that for the overman: a laughingstock or a painful embarrassment. You have made your way from worm to man, and much in you is still worm."

Thus Spoke Zarathustra


released June 3, 2013

cover painting by Laura Jannika



all rights reserved
Track Name: Thus Spoke Zarathustra - You must go under!
Man is something that shall be overcome
What have you done to overcome him?
Track Name: No One Cares, Old Man!
You know they say that the older you get
ya'become wiser but I ain't seen that
I've seen old men stuck in their ways
If time ain't moving, they think they can't be erased
They'll talk your ear off, about all they've been told
And it's barely a waste 'cause it's more then you're owed

Don't worry
it's worthless
Don't worry about
all the things that you missed

The time is not coming back
Nothing you can say or do
I'll cheer you up - oh please don't be sad
I've got a present for you

It's bright and flashy
and fuzzy, and loud
and doesn't really seem to go anywhere

But don't worry it's convenient
and all the rules pretty lenient
Especially if know how not to care

And even though
It all moves so slow
You couldn't keep up if had to

And then one day
you'll not want to play and
You'll chuck this gift and you'll be glad to

and then I'll be the old man
hoping that I can
make some sense of all I've done
and I have tell it to some one
Listen up listen everyone

what you do
is what you are
is what you want

It's what
you become
Track Name: The Serenade the Widow Played Each Night in her Head While in Bed
I don't know
if you'll see me through
I don't but
if you do

You will see
You will see
things so sweet
things so sweet

only for you
only from me

What else can I be?

Or can I not be?

It' so lovely out here
come along my dear
You'll see
We'll be